37 Montrose Ave.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11206 [map]
6 blocks from the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge
(718) 388 - 2377
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The following information applies if you need to tow your car or you're just having a problem but can't drive it yourself. If you have AAA you can call them directly for a pickup. If we are not here you can park the car on Montrose Ave, there are always spaces. put the keys in an envelope with all your info such as name, phone number, car type and location and shove it on the left side of the gate (there's a thin slot so don't make it too bulky). If you don't have your own tow company you can call ours they will safely get the car to us.
Tow #: 718-218-7373

Thanks for contacting ZP!